Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de l'opéra

Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de  l'opéra

Lyrical Journey Opera Coaching

Julia invites you to discover the opera


Lyrical Journey - Opera Coaching


Personalized introductory courses

for individuals and groups


Discover the world of opera:

  • The masterpieces
  • The composers
  • Interpretation of music and plot


Learn to listen, appreciate, and love the opera!


Heighten or perfect your experience of opera

Going out for a night of beautiful music? With family, friends, or colleagues? Our coach will help you get ready to enjoy your evening to the hilt.

Increase your business potential through a value enhancing social experience

Give your partners and clients time to unwind and enjoy as they sharpen their aesthetic tastes. Help them expand into new horizons.

Boost your experience of culture

Want to discover a new world? Looking for new and uplifting sensations? We can give you a holistic experience in a joyful and stress-reducing environment.



Presentations and interactive sessions on request


Individualized and personalized instruction


 These presentations can be done in any part of the world

via Skype and the Internet.


Relax and have fun in the world of high culture!


Private sessions in your home

Group sessions in your conference room




5 good reasons to take an introductory course to opera 

Audience and objectives



Click here  for information about our

educational programs


For more information and for an individualized plan and quote,

please contact us at +33 6 22 18 01 89



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