Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de l'opéra

Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de  l'opéra

Learn about opera to enhance your personal and professional potential

5 reasons to introduce yourself to the world of opera

La Traviata, Carmen, Luciano Pavarotti. The mere mention of these names conjures an art which, today, is without doubt one of the greatest expressions of high culture. Opera is often perceived as inaccessible because it has been a long time since this art has been part of popular culture.



Discovering the world of opera is an ideal springboard for expanding the scope of one’s general knowledge.

The opera is a multi-faceted art which opens the spirit to a whole universe of subjects: history, classical music, song, literature, myths and legends, theater, dance…


Listening to opera helps switch off the incessant « internal chatter » that comes from the stress of modern life.

Opera exerts a cathartic power which sweeps us away from our daily problems and concerns. It enables the expression of the deepest human passions, rendering them sublime through the channel of exquisite  music. Thus swept away, we become better able to appreciate multiple states of affairs and to have a fresh eye for interpreting complex situations. 


Classical music has powerful relaxing properties.

Medical imaging has shown that classical music calms the parts of the brain that are activated by negative emotions. The experiments also show that listening to relaxing music reduces the concentration of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood.


Listening to opera has a positive effect on the brain and increases mental capacity.

Scientific studies have shown that classical music has cognitive value and a positive effect on long-term intellectual ability. This is the "Mozart effect" noted in research at the University of California. It fosters connections in different brain areas. According to these studies, listening to classical music especially consolidates learning skills and facilitates concentration and reasoning.


Listening to classical music can improve group cohesion.

Music has profound impact on people. Studies show that multiple people listening to the same music are impacted in similar ways psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically. Music has the power to impart strong social cohesion. 




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