Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de l'opéra

Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de  l'opéra

Audience and objectives

Intended audience :
Anyone wishing to know the operatic repertoire, to learn to appreciate opera, and to expand their general knowledge.
Prerequisites : None
Objectives :

Acquire the keys to understanding and appreciation of the world of opera and operatic works.
Obtain an overview of the history of opera, and understand the main styles.
Understand and appreciate the interactions between libretto, music, singers, conductor, and staging
Know the major works and their composers.
Know the main performers, past and present.
Develop an individual learning methodology to continue to discover opera by oneself.
Training features and benefits :
This training provides an excellent introduction to the wider world of classical music.
Comprehensive study of key works.
Numerous audio and video segments.
This training is available to all ; prior musical knowledge is not required.
This training is interactive, attentive and responsive to the characteristics and needs of the group.
Training exercises are provided to integrate and facilitate usage of what has been learned


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