Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de l'opéra

Le Voyage Lyrique - Découverte de  l'opéra

Educational Programs

 Musical Nights Out


Prepare for a night out

It’s great to go to the opera, but it’s more satisfying to go prepared!

Le Voyage Lyrique presents the work you are about to see in a such a manner as to enable you to get the most enjoyment from the performance and to appreciate the work’s true value.

Duration: 1 hour


Special events

We can arrange special evenings to suit your needs.

Example: a one-hour introductory coaching session, followed by a night at the opera and a meal at a restaurant.

Prices and conditions on request.



Training courses


We offer a full range of training throughout the year, in line with the local opera season. The world of opera is represented through a comprehensive study of 10 key works from the repertoire.

Duration : 10 sessions of 1 ½ hours each





Workshops provide a total immersion experience, yielding comprehensive knowledge of the world of opera. These interactive training sessions alternate among video screenings, lectures, exercises and recognition in the form of musical quizzes and methodological advice.


One day workshop :

In 6 hours, we will discuss the main issues of the opera. What is a lyrical work? What are the different types of voices and musical styles? We will also cover the main periods in opera history.

The one-day course provides a highly interactive presentation, including music recognition quizzes, and many video illustrations.

Half day workshop :

In just 3 hours, you will learn what an opera is, how it is constructed, and what are the different types of voices. You will also leave with an overview of the genre’s evolution and understand several musical styles and essential composers.


Other topics available: Voices of the opera, opera and politics, Victor Hugo and the opera, Wagner's work, presentation of a chosen work, or any other operatic subject upon request.

These courses are also illustrated with audio clips and videos.


Two day workshop :

Since the world of opera is vast, the optimal time for a serious immersion in that world is 2 days. This course will provide knowledge of different styles and different musical periods covering the entire history of opera, from 1600 to today.

Workshops are generally conducted in friendly spaces: a private room in a restaurant, in a small auditorium or conference room, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Drinks and snacks are offered to participants.

The days and dates of training are tailored to your needs


Luxury option: soprano-accompanied training:

We also offer, as part of the training, the services of a professional opera singer.

Accompanied on the piano, the singer performs a selection of songs to illustrate repertoire and themes within the course. The singer is also available to answer participants’ questions about the profession of opera singer.



Do you need more information? Program specifics are available on request.



5 good reasons to take an introductory course to opera

Audience and objectives

For more information and for an individualized plan and quote,

please contact us at +33 6 22 18 01 89



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